MV41+ 4K HDMI Multiview Switcher

Product Description

TEKVOX’s MV41+ is a sophisticated, seamless HDMI switcher with flexible multiview. The MV41+ has 4 HDMI inputs, each of which is equipped with auto-scaling to ensure universal compatibility with any device, and 1 HDMI output. It includes LINE and MIX audio inputs for audio embedding and mixing, and analog (AUDIO) and optical (SPDIF) outputs provide easy audio de-embedding for routing to an amplifier. The MV41+’s flexible multiview allows users to view multiple sources simultaneously, and includes sixteen pre-defined layouts & three window sizes, all of which are fully-customizable.

The MV41+ is controllable via its front panel buttons, RS232 commands, or TCP/IP commands via an easy-to-use web GUI, ensuring that it can function independently or fit perfectly into any control system. When in single-window mode, the MV41+ also brings automatic source-detection and switching to the table for convenient, hands-free operation.

With exceptional multiview, seamless switching—both manual and automatic—multiple control options, and support for dazzling 4K resolution, the MV41+ offers the sophistication and versatility for any application.


  • Supports up to 4K resolutions and includes auto-scaling on all inputs
  • Audio embedding, mixing, and de-embedding
  • Flexible multiview with 16 pre-defined layouts and 3 possible window sizes
  • Automatic source detection and switching
  • Controllable via front panel buttons, RS232, or TCP/IP w/ web GUI



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