TEK UV100T-20 Camera for Education

TEKVOX now offers an auto-tracking camera made for education. The TEK UV100T-20-ST auto-tracking camera is a state-of-the-art high definition 1080P/60 PTZ camera with 20X optical zoom lens and has two SDI outputs with IP streaming. By using a supplied configuration program, a Teacher’s tracking mask can be created and saved into the camera. The camera will only track while the teacher is in this area. If tracking is lost, a preset can be setup for the camera to go to. With auto-tracking the TEK UV100T can be used to follow a person without an operator. At any point auto-tracking can be turned off and the camera works like a standard PTZ conference camera.

The TEK UV100T supports both Sony® VISCA™ and PELCO commands with 120 presets, making this camera excellent choice for small and large videoconferencing and lecture capture rooms. The camera can be setup for multiple resolutions and be ceiling mounted.

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