TEKVOX ViewVault™ Offers Easy to Install and Use Solution to Texas S.B. 507 Compliance

TEKVOX is pleased to announce that its new, Texas S.B. 507-compliant ViewVault™ fills the need for secure, cost-effective A/V recording in classroom applications. The easy-to-install drop-in solution requires very little set up or maintenance and is capable of recording and storing six months (1,667 hours) of HD video and associated audio.

Texas S.B. 507 mandates video cameras in special education classrooms or other settings that provide special education services. The legislation safeguards special-needs children, allows review of procedures followed when crisis incidents occur and also offers opportunities for teacher observation and training.

“ViewVault is an ideal solution for classrooms which need to comply with Texas S.B. 507,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “It has a very low start-up cost and no expensive infrastructure is required. Schools pay only for what is needed per classroom for a system that records and retains six months of audio and video based on a 12-hour day, five days per week. ViewVault is highly reliable, highly resilient, secure and economical.”

ViewVault is a self-contained, ceiling-mounted A/V recording system that operates autonomously based on scheduled, motion-triggered or hybrid recording modes. It archives the most recent six months of digitally encrypted recordings on its internal media. It can also record audio-only for attached bathrooms or other enclosed spaces of protected spaces.

In the stand-alone, ‘black-box’ mode ViewVault requires no network connection. The system is configured prior to shipment and is placed discreetly in the ceiling tile grid with included camera, additional microphones as required and mounting accessories. Only a single electrical connection is required.

ViewVault automatically goes into operation when powered; no human intervention is needed for full S.B. 507-compliance. An authorized administrator can unlock the enclosure and easily remove a small solid-state storage unit with the most recent recordings for quick examination of recent events. The entire tray-mounted electronics package can also be removed for deep forensics of the entire system: all media and system logs are available for analysis and discovery. ViewVault electronics are both physically and electronically secure: They are physically locked in a rugged metal enclosure and password-protected to prevent unauthorized tampering.

Initial installation in black-box mode can be accomplished in minutes for immediate support of classroom recording needs.

Optionally, ViewVault can be connected to the campus network via Ethernet or WiFi for remote management, real-time streaming or ad-hoc retrieval of stored content. In normal operation, ViewVault uses negligible network bandwidth or resources.

ViewVault’s powerful and flexible recording modes include individual weekly schedules, master schedules, record-on-motion, and hybrid modes that combine on-hours scheduled record with off-hours motion recording. This ‘set and forget’ system requires very little support and no drain on IT resources.

In most cases, a ViewVault system in black-box mode can be bought and installed for under $3000 total cost with negligible ongoing costs – less that a 100W light bulb.

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