TEKVOX Introduces Tek Digital Express Kit for Fast Analog-to-Digital Migration

TEKVOX has launched Tek Digital Express, a turnkey wall plate transmitter and receiver kit aimed at the educational market (K-12 and Community Colleges) and other customers who want to upgrade to a digital link from the wall plate to the projector. Tek Digital Express contains everything needed to install fully modern, end-to-end digital AV in just minutes. It can be professionally installed as well.

“The Tek Digital Express kit is the easiest way to ‘go digital’ today and retain support for legacy analog (VGA) technology,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “Part of a comprehensive solution that can be upgraded incrementally and cost effectively, Tek Digital Express is 4K compatible. It’s a powerful starting point that will serve the customer’s needs for years to come.”

The kit consists of the attractive TEK TPHD2-WP1 Decora-style wall plate with HDMI and VGA auto-switched inputs and HDBaseT output, a 75-foot Cat 6 plenum-grade HDBaseT cable, a TEK TPHDH402PR HDBaseT receiver with power supply, and a 3-foot microflex HDMI cable with lifetime warranty for receiver-to-projector/display.

Reinhart emphasizes that “no special knowledge is needed, no programming is required” for quick installation of the wall plate kit. “It installs in minutes when replacing an analog link,” he says. “All required cables are included. HDBaseT cable can be pulled through using the VG cable as the lead.”

A single power supply can be connected at the wall plate or at the receiver. Tek Digital Express can easily add a TekTouchPad color touchscreen controller to provide projector and source selection control or a TEK 3 IoT AV gateway to provide intelligent room control and network monitoring and management. Direct compatibility with TEKVOX-integrated ceiling control units is also offered.

Tek Digital Express has an MSRP of $995. It is available directly from TEKVOX via credit card or PayPal as well as through standard sales channels.