TEKVOX Elects Two Industry Veterans to its Board of Directors Signaling Entry to Growth Phase

TEKVOX announced today that two distinguished industry veterans, Robert Hollingsworth and Jim Reinhart, have joined its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

TEKVOX, Inc, an innovative supplier of IT-managed audio/visual solutions for business and education applications has strengthened its corporate leadership with the addition of Robert Hollingsworth and Jim Reinhart to its Board of Directors.

“We are excited to bring Jim and Robert onto our Board,” said Mike Slattery, founder of TEKVOX. “Having finished TekEnterprise, our scalable enterprise management system to complete our TekPatrol™ offering, it’s time for us to shift into growth mode and we need the operational and execution leadership that these men bring to TEKVOX.”

Mr. Hollingsworth led a distinguished 40-year career in high technology ventures with significant tenures with Datapoint and SMSC and is now an active angel investor. His passions include customer engagement and executive mentorship.

Mr. Reinhart is a visionary technology leader with passion for building powerful teams and making complex technology easy to use. In addition to a long tenure with Motorola where he drove pioneering computing and networking and A/V businesses, Jim was CEO and co-founder of Luminary Micro, the first company to bring ARM Cortex-M3™ technology to the market.

“TEKVOX is doing very important work in making audio/visual systems affordable, supportable, and energy efficient,” said Reinhart. Making automated network management of A/V systems the norm rather than the exception fulfills the dream of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) mission with a tangible economic benefit. Every school and business that uses audio/visual systems needs to know about TEKVOX and I am thrilled to join the mission of making that happen”.

“What impresses me most about TEKVOX,” said Hollingsworth “is that they have solved the problem of managing A/V systems in a way that is valuable both to customers and to incumbent suppliers in the market.” “TEKVOX is relevant and beneficial both to customers who have existing A/V installations and want to add automation and energy management as well as to customers who are installing A/V capabilities for the first time”, he added.

TEKVOX (www.tekvox.com) is a private Texas company creating innovative IT management, control and collaboration solutions for education, corporate and retail facilities where audio-visual (A/V) technologies are widely deployed. TEKVOX solutions offer IT automation, autonomous energy management and substantial savings in installation and operating cost. TEKVOX will be displaying its solutions at Infocomm 2014 (booth C7750).

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