TEKVOX to Show Scalable ‘Drop-In®’ Ready A/V Solutions at Infocomm14

Standardized Solutions Add Streamlined IT Flexibility and Manageability to Education Classrooms and Business Conference Rooms.

TEKVOX, an innovative supplier of IT-managed audio/visual solutions for corporate and education applications, announced today it would be displaying its standardized Drop-In® Ready A/V Solutions for education and business applications at Infocomm14 in Las Vegas.From typical classroom and conference room setups to full collaboration systems, TEKVOK solutions eliminate complex installation and custom programming while providing flexible, manageable capabilities to IT managers.

“TEKVOX’s goal is to make A/V installations both affordable and supportable,” said Mike Slattery, TEKVOX Founder and chief innovator. “By standardizing configurations for a range of applications and embedding network-based management from the beginning, we deliver solutions that eliminate costly custom programming while minimizing operating and support cost.”

TEKVOK offers Drop-In solutions for standard classrooms and conference rooms, dual display applications, room combining environments as well as innovative collaboration and active learning set ups. TEKVOX
delivers these solutions pre-configured and optionally pre-installed in UL-listed, plenum-rated enclosures saving hours in complex assembly and custom programming.

“TEKVOX is doing very important work in making audio/visual systems affordable, supportable and energyefficient,” said Jim Reinhart, TEKVOX Chairman. Making automated network management of A/V systems the norm rather than the exception fulfills the dream of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) mission with a tangible economic benefit. Every school and business that uses audio/visual systems needs to know about TEKVOX.”

TEKVOX (www.tekvox.com) is a private Texas company creating innovative management, control and collaboration solutions for education, corporate and retail facilities where audio-visual (A/V) technologies are widely deployed. TEKVOX solutions offer IT automation, autonomous energy management and substantial savings in installation and operating cost. TEKVOX will be displaying its solutions at Infocomm 2014 (booth

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