TEKVOX Launches the Wunderbar All-in-One Conferencing Bar

In order to deliver more simply designed, fully consolidated videoconferencing systems with fewer pieces of equipment, TEKVOX has introduced the Wunderbar All-in-One Conferencing Bar. The elegant, streamlined Wunderbar features a 4K auto-tracking camera, an array microphone, and an audio speaker, all in a single, convenient package that’s easy to install and use. Ideal for small conference rooms or huddle rooms, the Wunderbar can be combined with a PC & display to deliver all the essentials needed for videoconferencing.

“Every iteration of TEKVOX videoconferencing systems is more integrated and easier to install and use. By combining three incredible technologies in one, the Wunderbar is another step in that direction,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “Prior to the Wunderbar you’d need a 4K camera, a separate touchscreen controller, and an array microphone mounted on the ceiling or a table – components that cost much more than the Wunderbar and require surplus cabling. The Wunderbar is easily mounted on a wall or table, and connected to a videoconferencing PC via a single USB 3.0 cable.”

The Wunderbar’s versatile 4K camera dynamically tracks speakers to keep them in frame. It features an ultra-wide field of view for capturing full-room video, and 5x digital zoom for crisp, reliable video. The sophisticated beamforming microphone and full-frequency speakers deliver high-end audio for superior clarity during videoconferences.

A single USB 3.0 connection offers convenience and ease of installation. The versatile Wunderbar also includes multiple mounting options and joint HDMI/USB 3.0 outputs for other use cases.

The Wunderbar is shipped fully functional, pre-programmed, and rigorously tested. It has an MSRP of $1,325, and is now shipping.

“The Wunderbar provides a videoconferencing solution with unmatched quality, convenience, and sophistication for an incredibly cost-effective price,” Reinhart concluded.

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