Energy Management

A New Era for Energy Managementdrop-in-systems

Contemporary A/V assets include high-powered projectors, HDTVs, switching, and presentation gear along with control panels, lighting, and associated wiring. Sitting in millions of classrooms, conference rooms, and other gathering places, these assets remain largely isolated and beyond the reach of automated, network-based IT technologies for proactive management and support. Not only can these devices waste electricity while burning up expensive bulbs and filters, but the IT teams responsible for them must handle issues reactively instead of proactively.

The TEKVOX Solution

After spending close to a decade billing IT departments to fix fundamental problems with their A/V gear, TEKVOX created its own comprehensive solution: TekPatrol™, for cost-effective, energy-efficient, and highly manageable A/V deployments. TekPatrol has three key components:

  1. TekMonitor: An intelligent, networked control/sensor hub that connects A/V gear to the enterprise network, speaks the required control language, and works with the PC-based TekManager software. This provides real-time, campus-wide control and monitoring of attached assets such as projectors and HDTVs as well as legacy switching, scaling, and control devices. TekMonitor also provides real-time theft protection for all connected assets.
  2. TekManager: PC-based software that provides IT staff with a real-time view of all rooms across a campus including bulb and filter health, maintenance needs, and usage statistics.
  3. TekEnterprise: A scalable enterprise management system that provides anywhere, anytime monitoring and control of all TekMonitors and their linked assets. TekEnterprise services can include room scheduling, automated maintenance scheduling, relaying room control to a presenter’s smart phone, intrusion or fire alarms, ordering replacement supplies, establishing system-to-system communication links, and more.
Use our interactive tool to model your setup and see the energy-savings benefits that a managed system can offer. Energy Calculator

Case Studies

Energy Management

After reviewing various mediated classroom systems, LSC installed over 250 classrooms throughout their campuses using TEKVOX’s Drop-In Solutions.

Trinity University Innovation Center

Trinity not only engaged TEKVOX to provide control software and audio programming, but also installed TEKVOX’s products for easy installation and maintenance.