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Firmware updates for TekMonitors include numerous benefits, including access to new features, bug fixes, user experience improvements, updated device drivers, and more. TekMonitor firmware can be updated easily over a network using TekManager and its included service, TekWizard.

In TekManager’s Holding Area, every TekMonitor has its current firmware version displayed to the right of its name.

Updating Device Drivers

Before updating a TekMonitor’s firmware, make sure that you have the most recent device drivers downloaded to your computer. Go to “Tools” in the Menu Bar, then click “Update Drivers”.

  1. A window will open, showing all of the device driver files that have been downloaded
  2. Once the process has finished, the window will show “Update Complete”
  3. Click “Close” to exit the driver update window

Updating TekMonitor Firmware

To update one or more TekMonitors’ firmware:

  1. Open TekWizard by clicking “TekWizard” in the Menu Bar
  2. At the bottom of the TekWizard window, click “Update ROM”
    1. This will take you to the final page of TekWizard
  3. To the right of “Apply to TekMonitor(s)”, click “Select” to open a list of available TekMonitors
  4. Select one or more TekMonitors to update, then click “Select”
  5. Click “Save” in the bottom right corner of the TekWizard window
    1. A progress window will open, showing the status of the update process
    2. The update process may take anywhere from 30-90 seconds
    3. Once the firmware has been updated, the progress window will show “Load Complete”, along with the new firmware version loaded into the TekMonitor(s)