Understanding TekMonitor Icons | TekManager

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Every TekMonitor in TekManager is accompanied by a colored icon, which offers important information about its status. These icons are specific to the area within TekManager (Holding Area, Project) where the TekMonitor appears.

Holding Area


A blue icon indicates that the TekMonitor is configured, online, and has no errors

Blue with Red Dot

A blue icon with a red dot in the center indicates that the TekMonitor is configured and online, but has at least one error



A green icon indicates that the TekMonitor is configured, online, is in the current project, and has no errors

Green with Red Dot

A green icon with a red dot in the center indicates that the TekMonitor is configured, online, and is in the current project, but has at least one error


A gray icon does not actually represent a physical TekMonitor. Instead, this icon denotes a “phantom” TekMonitor, which is an entity in TekManager with all the programming for a TekMonitor.

Phantom TekMonitors can be used to perform quick drag-and-drop programming of a TekMonitor. To do so, click and drag a TekMonitor from the Holding Area, and drop it on the phantom TekMonitor. All of the configuration data stored in the phantom will be transferred to the TekMonitor.



A yellow icon indicates that a TekMonitor that has not been configured, and so has no information or data loaded.

  • Virtually all TekMonitors are pre-programmed before shipment, so encountering TekMonitors with this icon should be rare
  • If you find an unconfigured TekMonitor in the field (especially if it belongs to a Project file) then it has likely experienced a memory failure, and needs to be replaced.


A red icon indicates that the TekMonitor cannot be reached by the TekManager service. This can occur for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. The TekMonitor’s IP address may have changed.
    If a TekMonitor does not respond from the IP address where TekManager expects it to be, then it will be shown as offline. To eliminate this error, perform a search of the IP address range where the TekMonitor should be.
  2. Network issues could be blocking communication.
    1. If two or more networked devices are assigned to the same static IP address, then neither will have proper communication over the network. To resolve this issue, contact the network admin to review all assigned static IP addresses on that subnet, and correct any duplicates.
    2. If the TekMonitor is set to DHCP (rather than a static IP), it is possible for the server to fail to assign the TekMonitor an IP address. To resolve this issue, try releasing and renewing the TekMonitor’s IP address.
    3. Many network connection errors can be explained by the lack of network patching from the LAN ports in a room to the server. Confirm that the port to which the TekMonitor is connected has a connection to the correct network.
  3. The TekMonitor may have failed.
    A TekMonitor will show as offline if it experiences a critical memory failure, or if it can no longer power on. To check for this issue, visually confirm that the TekMonitor has power, and search the subnet for unconfigured TekMonitors.