TEK3 TekMonitor Networked AV Controller

Product Description

The TEK 3 is the third generation of the TekMonitor networked AV Room Controller series. This new design adds greater flexibility by allowing expansion to other peripherals including IR transmitters and enables communication between other TekMonitors, TekTouchPad™ and TEKVOX’s advanced iOS user interface solutions. The TEK 3 can control up to 8 devices via IP communication, as well as incorporating 3 direct RS232 ports. In addition, the TEK 3 can be fully powered via a POE LAN connection, and features a port for connection an occupancy sensor. Occupancy-based automation can save time and energy by automatically starting a system when someone enters the room, and powering it off once it has been vacant for a pre-defined period of time.

In addition to fully controlling up to 11 A/V devices, the TEK 3 includes built-in anti-theft software that couples with a TekSecurity module to prevent display theft, and emails reports to a system administrator with usage, maintenance, and event information. It can be programmed with up to 50 macro definitions for synchronized system operations, and drivers for any commercially available flat-panel display or video projector.

TEKVOX’s TekManager software allows intuitive management of networked devices, remote monitoring & control, and asset management, all within a single unified control GUI. For more information on TekManager, download the User’s Manual here.


  • Improves equipment life by managing operational times
  • Reduces maintenance and energy costs
  • Adds reliable security to room devices
  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Increases administrator productivity
  • Easy to install with POE
  • Allows for replacing display device without changing control software



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