PoH/PoC Devices | Troubleshooting Power

TOPICS: Device Power, Troubleshooting

Power-over-HDBaseT (PoH) allows devices—such as TEKVOX’s PTZ Cameras & HDBaseT Receivers—to be powered via the same cable that transports video and control signals. If your PoH-capable equipment does not power on correctly, there are several steps you can try to identify and fix the problem.

Verify All Connections

Many connection errors can be explained by loose or incorrect cabling. Before troubleshooting more advanced errors, make sure that your signal path is correct and intact.

  • Check that every single cable head along the signal path is fully plugged in, without any excess wiggle room.
  • Confirm that all cables are plugged in to the correct ports. Mis-wiring errors are most common when passing through a wall plate, where cables can get mixed up easily, and when connecting to any device with multiple RJ45 ports. Be mindful that HDBaseT and LAN connections use the same connector, but plugging either into the wrong place can cause serious damage to connected equipment.

Check HDBaseT Cables

While HDBaseT is a technology that works with any Category cable, using sub-par cabling drastically shortens a device’s lifetime, and increases the risk of errors.

  • Check near the head of the cable for a TEKVOX serial sticker. All cables shipped for use in TEKVOX systems are exactingly tested and individually certified. If the cable does not have a serial sticker, it may have been field-terminated, and is therefore not under warranty.
  • Re-test the cable using an MS-TestPro HDBaseT Tester. If the cable fails a certification test, there’s a good chance that it is responsible for the error in the system.

Check the PoH Connection

  • If one is available, replace the device suspected to be malfunctioning with another of the same model that is working correctly.
  • If the error disappears with the replacement, it’s likely that the device that was replaced has failed.
  • If the error persists with the replacement, it’s likely that the problem lies either in the cabling or in the device supplying PoH.

Test Equipment in Similar System

  • If one is available, replace a known working device of the same model with the one you suspect of malfunctioning.
  • If the problem follows the suspect device, it’s likely that it has failed.

If none of these approaches gives a clear indication of the source of the problem, contact support@www.tekvox.com with as many details as possible about the problem and the troubleshooting steps you took.

Once you have followed these steps to determine the source of the problem in your system, submit an RMA request for the failed component, making sure to include a full description of the problem.