TCX10 Wall Installation

TOPICS: Installation, Touchscreen Controllers

To download the full installation guide, which includes detailed instructions & graphics for each step, click here.

To visit the 78042-10A TCX10 Touchscreen Controller Product Page, click here.

Included in this Product Package:

  • TCX10 10″ Touchscreen Controller
  • Device Plate
  • Single-Gang Bracket
  • 6-32 Machine Screws (2)
  • 4-40 Machine Screw (Security)

Installation Steps:

  1. Select Location for TCX10
  2. Cut Hole for Mounting Single-Gang Bracket
  3. Mount Single-Gang Bracket
  4. Attach Device Plate to Single-Gang Bracket
  5. Route Cable out through Device Plate
  6. Connect & Mount TCX10
  7. Attach Security Screw to Underside of TCX10