TEKVOX’s 79086S Camera Extender Set Simplifies Power Delivery To HDMI Cameras For Distance Engagement

TEKVOX’s new Camera Extender Set improves the capabilities of HDMI cameras in classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, and conference centers facilitating distance engagement.

The Camera Extender Set allows integrators to mount an HDMI camera anywhere, without needing an AC outlet at the camera. Using a single CAT cable, the 79086S transports 4K video, bi-directional LAN and RS232, and 2.5A of 12V power to drive a camera at the far-end.

A single outlet at the receiver-end can power the transmitter, receiver, and camera, eliminating the need for a far-end outlet.

Typically, the availability of an AC outlet constrains the placement of HDMI cameras. The 79086S, however, drives the most advanced 4K HDMI camera without any additional power connections, entirely removing that constraint. Greater freedom allows integrators to install the camera wherever it’s needed most, resulting in a cleaner system and a superior user experience.

“The camera extender set significantly lowers the cost of installing a camera, and eliminates the obstacles associated with getting power to a camera,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “It’s the ideal solution anywhere integrators want to deploy an HDMI camera over HDBase-T for video conferencing and distance learning.”

The 79086S Camera Extender Set streamlines the installation of HDMI cameras by offering greater freedom of placement, resulting in an enhanced user experience without sacrificing the advanced functionality of a 4K HDBaseT extender pair.

It is available now with an MSRP of $875.

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