360° 4K Panoramic Camera

Product Description

TEKVOX’s 4K 360° Panoramic Camera provides an exceptional user experience for video conferencing in small and medium video conference rooms. At only 7″ tall, it sits unobtrusively on a conference table, without getting in the way or obstructing anyone’s view. Its four HD cameras provide 360° video of everyone in the room, and can be combined in several different viewing modes so that users can customize their experience. AI-based tracking and framing ensure that everyone at the table can see one another face-to-face, and intelligently eliminate empty space in the camera feed.

An adjustable vertical field of view (FOV) helps accommodate people of different heights, and allows the camera to compensate for standing participants. Built-in microphones provide omnidirectional audio coverage for immersive meetings. Plug-and-play operation ensures that the camera is compact, simple, and meeting-ready in seconds.

With an incredible variety of features to tackle any meeting, high-quality video and audio, and effortless usage, the 79442-360 represents the next step in modern, sophisticated video conferencing.


  • Omnidirectional 4K video captures everyone at the table without any switching
  • Multiple viewing modes and screen layouts allow users to customize their experience
  • AI-based auto-framing and tracking keeps everyone in-frame as they move
  • Integrated speaker and beamforming array mics for clear, full-room audio
  • Plug-and-play operation guarantees a fantastic, effortless user experience every time



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