Conference A/V Solutions That Will Help You Lead Great Meetings 

Conference meetings are an essential part of any organization’s operations. It’s where ideas are shared, decisions are made, and collaborations happen. However, leading great meetings can be challenging, especially when it comes to ensuring that all attendees can participate effectively. This is where the conference A/V solutions from TEKVOX come into play.

Whether you are leading a team meeting, hosting a conference call, or conducting a training session, having the right conference A/V solutions can make all the difference in the success of your event. At TEKVOX, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge audio-visual products and solutions designed to help you lead great meetings and create engaging and collaborative environments. Let’s explore some of our top solutions that can elevate your next meeting.

Enhance Connectivity with the 1201-MV+ Universal Switcher 

The 1201-MV+ Universal Switcher is a versatile and powerful solution that allows you to easily connect multiple sources such as laptops, cameras, and media players to a single display or projector. With advanced features like quick switching for true BOYD video conferencing and 4K support, you can create a seamless and immersive experience for your audience.

Capture Every Angle with the 180° 4K Panoramic Camera

For important events like live webinars or board meeting, the 180° 4K Panoramic Camera is a must. This innovative camera allows you to record high-quality video footage of your meeting room from every angle, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. With advanced features such as auto tracking and remote-control capabilities, this camera can easily adjust focus on different participants or areas of interest.

Deliver Broadcast-Quality Video with UHD/4K HDMI PTZ Cameras

While the 180-degree 4K camera is a great solution for most conference rooms, it’s not the best solution for all use cases. Our range of UHD/4K HDMI PTZ Cameras, including the 12x Zoom and Auto-Tracking models, deliver stunning broadcast-quality video for your meetings. Dive into a world of stunning visuals, smooth pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, and user-friendly controls to mesmerize your audience and make a lasting impression.

Maximize Space with the CB2-A Ceiling Box

The CB2-A Ceiling Box is a functional solution for maintaining organization and cleanliness in your meeting room, making it one of the most critical conference A/V solutions. This ceiling box enables the mounting of A/V equipment, such as projectors and cameras, on the ceiling, which helps declutter the conference table. The modern design of the CB2-A allows for easy integration into any configuration, right alongside your other conference room technology solutions.

Optimize Audio Connectivity with the DAN-B202 Dante Audio Interface

The DAN-B202 Dante Audio Interface offers high-quality sound for meetings, allowing for easy connection of microphones, speakers, and other devices. Its networking features allow for efficient control and management of sound signals throughout the conference room. If you have a spacious environment, this audio interface can help ensure everything is heard clearly by all participants, no matter their location.

Extend USB Connectivity with the FOUB30 Fiber USB Extender Set

The FOUB30 Fiber USB Extender Set offers a reliable and efficient solution for extending USB connectivity in your meeting room. With fiber optic technology, you can extend USB signals over long distances without any signal loss or interference, ensuring seamless connectivity for all your USB devices.

Try the MV41-USB for a Dynamic Multiview Experience

The MV41-USB Multiview Capture Switcher allows you to create a dynamic and engaging multiview experience for your meetings. This one-of-a-kind system supports multiple video sources and layouts, allowing users to switch between different views and capture real-time action effortlessly. The MV41-USB provides a versatile solution for improving meeting experiences, suitable for presentations or video conferences.

Level Up Presentations with the MV41+ 4K HDMI Multiview Switcher

The MV41+ 4K HDMI Multiview Switcher is a powerful solution for creating impressive and interactive presentations. With support for 4K resolution and multiple output options, you can deliver stunning visuals and engage your audience with dynamic content. The MV41+ is a terrific tool that can be used to display slideshows, videos, and live camera feeds.

Boost Audio Quality with the PA100W 8Ω Audio Amplifier

The PA100W 8Ω Audio Amplifier delivers high-quality sound reinforcement for your meetings and presentations. Thanks to 100 watts of power output and 8Ω impedance, this amplifier ensures clear and crisp audio playback for your audience. Whether you are using microphones, speakers, or audio playback devices, the PA100W offers a reliable solution for enhancing your audio experience.

Easy Control using the PTZ Camera Control Joystick and Keyboard

The PTZ Camera Control Joystick and Keyboard offers intuitive and precise control over your PTZ cameras. It features customizable presets, speed settings, and joystick movements, so you can easily pan, tilt, and zoom your cameras to capture the perfect shot during your conference. This is a great A/V solution for conference room settings in which you want greater control over the visuals of your call.

Power Up Your Meetings with Our Drop-In A/V Solutions

TEKVOX’s cutting-edge conference A/V solutions are designed to elevate your meeting experience to the next level. With our Drop-In A/V conference room technology solutions, you can effortlessly lead great meetings with fewer hiccups and less technical know-how than traditional A/V systems. Let us help you create productive meetings every time.

Don’t let outdated A/V technology hold you back — contact TEKVOX today and discover how our innovative solutions can transform the way you communicate, collaborate, and lead.