TEK-PC System Controller

Product Description

The TEK-PC is a powerful new approach to control system processing running on a secure IoT version of Windows 10 Enterprise with dual networking capabilities. The TEK-PC runs a PC-based version of the TEKVOX TekMonitor, and an iRidium Mobile control system application. A second network port on the TEK-PC allows for local IP devices to operate on their own network, allowing a room to be fully operational even if the campus network goes down. Remote management—including updates, troubleshooting, and maintenance—is provided using TekManager, allowing an administrator to fully maintain and monitor a system over the Web using a smartphone or tablet.

The TEK-PC Control system can operate with two network connections, one for campus network and another for a local network device using a DHCP server. The TEK-PC Control system is remotely manageable using TekManager or TekEnterprise software. A remote desktop application can be used to view and operate the room’s touchscreen or run software to maintain local devices. This feature provides the dual benefits of a local network which can operate without the campus network, and the convenience of remote viewing and management, to simplify system maintenance and monitoring without sacrificing reliability.


  • Powerful Intel i5 processor with dual networking and local DHCP server
  • Secure Windows IoT OS protects integrity of system
  • PC TekMonitor application fully controls TEKVOX AV systems
  • TekManager and TekEnterprise accessible
  • iRidium Mobile control system application running in KIOSK mode
  • Optional Remote Desktop access for monitoring and remote maintenance
  • 4 Serial ports for device control & communication



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