1201-MV+ Universal Switcher

Product Description

The most recent installment in TEKVOX’s prestigious line of 1201 switchers, the 1201-MV+ is a universal switcher that supports 4Kx2K@60Hz 4:4:4 resolutions and six video inputs: five HDMI, and one powered USB-C. The 1201-MV retains the simultaneous HDMI & HDBase-T outputs of its predecessors, and now features twelve flexible multiview configurations for viewing up to four sources at the same time without requiring additional hardware. The breakaway HDMI output can be set to mirror the HDBaseT output or preview the HDMI 1 input, allowing users to view a connected PC while presenting other content on the room’s display.

The 1201-MV+ features 6-Play™ HDBaseT, allowing transmission of 4K video, LAN ethernet, RS232 serial commands, PoC for powering the hub receiver, bi-directional USB 3.0, and digital audio over a single CAT cable. Both the universal switcher and its hub receiver include built-in USB 3.0 hubs, providing access to connected USB devices from the far-end. For example, a USB camera and array microphone mounted at the display can be used for video conferencing by a PC up to 100m away, without any additional equipment or cabling; the full infrastructure of a modern conference room, now plug-and-play. This simulated USB 3.0 hub is automatically bridged to connected USB-C sources—such as USB-C laptops—and can be easily connected to HDMI laptops as well.

The HDBase-T output can travel up to 330 feet (100m) without any additional amplification, and supports PoC for remotely powering the receiver, resulting in a convenient, single-cable installation for any size of space. The switcher can be controlled via IR remote, RS-232, or TCP/IP commands for versatile, responsive operation & easy integration into any system. Finally, the 1201-MV+ supports automatic source detection & switching, can power displays on and off via RS232 or CEC, and includes built-in support for sending TEKVOX macro commands.

With a host of cutting-edge features and the reliability our customers have come to expect from a 1201 switcher, the 1201-MV+ has the power and sophistication to handle any Drop-In A/V® system’s needs, and more. The 1201-MV+ Universal Switcher is available with or without its hub receiver.

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  • 5 HDMI inputs & 1 USB-C input with 60W charging
  • Support for resolutions up to 4Kx2K @ 60Hz 4:4:4
  • 12 flexible multiview configurations for showing multiple sources at once
  • Breakaway HDMI output can follow the HDBaseT output or view the HDMI 1 input
  • Bi-directional USB 3.0 simulated hub extension at universal switcher & hub receiver
  • Controllable via RS-232, IR remote, front panel buttons, or TCP/IP commands
  • PoC for hub receiver can be toggled on or off
  • Supports sending TEKVOX Macro commands for easy TekMonitor control



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